Coaching Services

As of early 2021, I’m currently enrolled in the John Molson School of Business’s Personal and Professional Coaching Certification program through Concordia University. My mission is to develop my core coaching approach, while tailoring my services to the gifted community.

As a gifted individual parenting a gifted child, I understand the particular challenges facing individuals with highly abilities in some areas, and the conflict this can create within themselves and their social circles. Asynchronous development is a reality but by factoring for what is, we can move onto what can be to live fulfilling and meaningful lives.

By working together to understand that a photographic positive is made whole by the existence of its negative, we will build new stories around your abilities so they become assets rather than liabilities.


Book a 30 minute interview with me, free of charge, to determine if we’re a good fit.

Coaching – Single Session

An average coaching session last 45 minutes. Book a single session at a time with me. I suggest booking a free interview prior to choosing this service so that we can be sure we understand what your needs are, and that I’m the right person to meet them.

Coaching – Five Sessions

Optimally we will work together over time, either weekly or bi-weekly, depending on your needs. A trust-based relationship is established over time, and this gives us the space to dig into the meaning of the topics you bring to our sessions.