Have Faith

If you think that your problems are unique to you, or if you’ve been holding on to shame because you’ve convinced yourself that you’re abnormal, or if you can’t see the way out of where you’ve managed to end up, take comfort in knowing that you are in VERY good company.

The way our society is structured means that very few understand what it means to live authentically because they live in fear there is an aspect of themselves that someone else might use against them. And this fear ends up disconnecting us from everything that is available to us to keep us feeling connected. And so we feel pain. This species is not meant to live in solitude.

You’re not alone. You are uniquely you but your suffering is the responsibility of the collective. When you surrender the darkest bits of yourself to the collective with the understanding that through your offering you make space for others to offer up their own suffering, know that you WILL be caught. You won’t be allowed to fall. By casting your thread you strengthen the net that catches us all.

This is true faith.

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