No Butts

Collecting thoughts from the course of the day to channel through social media – Today I am back to butts! I posted about this the other day, but it’s worth sharing again – we are largely a buttless society. And I’m not referring to the fact that many carry their energy reserves in the trunk. I’m referring to the lack of glute muscles most have. And, I’ve learned, since reading Move Your DNA by Katy Bowman, that glute development can actually happen as a result of minor lifestyle adaptations.

It’s not JUST about the squats. Okay, yes; it’s about squatting too. But not the kind you do for exercise.

After reading that book I realized that I’d grown up tucking my tail. I’m not sure what led to this, and a lifetime of sitting slumped in chairs doesn’t help at all, but once I saw and made a point of untucking my tail, my glutes were able to start help me to move! With a tucked tail, walking was a series of sequential tips and falls. Now my motion is circular and ambulatory and I feel the impact all the way into my heinie. Who knew?? Did you?

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