Look for Root Cause

An example of a socially-condoned attitude that needs to change:

“Doctor, I can’t breathe out of my nose.”

“You have allergies. Here’s a pill.”

Problem fixed.

Or is it?

In actuality, a new problem has been created which does not address the original problem. Now we have an individual with potential lifelong drug dependency, as suppression of symptoms drives illness deeper into the body, and does not resolve the root issue, and more and more symptoms are created that “need” repressing. And one day, you’re under the operating lights for triple bypass surgery.


Root issues will ALWAYS find ways to express themselves. The more you try to suppress, the more embedded your state of unwellness becomes, and the more your risk of serious, life-threatening disease increases.

So, is it allergies? Maybe. But WHY are you reacting to something? What is the underlying state of your gut?

Or – Is it allergies? Maybe. But maybe you have created an imbalance in your head due to your type of training, or lack thereof, which is causing adhesions of the fascia in your foot and manifesting as nasal congestion. And maybe a few gentle, non-invasive, non-gut flora altering, osteopathic adjustments will open your nasal passages right up!

See my point? Always commit to looking DEEPER. Popping pills to deal with symptoms is a set-up for a potential lifelong chemical dependency. If you feel the need to temporarily take a drug to relieve symptoms while you search for the root cause of sAid symptoms, make that choice. But own it and own the impact of your choice.

You DO have a choice. Exercise it in the name of YOU.

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