Intentions for my 42nd Year

This year, my 42nd trip around the sun (and on my 41st birthday) – I am setting the following intention for myself. I will move backwards. I will take the path of most resistance and challenge to foster further growth and resilience. I will rewalk my paths, leading with the other foot. And I will retrain my body, on the other side. I will learn to do my pole moves with the other side of my body and form new neural networks to develop true balance and flexibility, and to avoid injury! I will refine and finesse and do the absolute best I am able to do in every aspect of my life, because I have the luxury to do so and I will not waste one second lamenting self-imposed limits. Any blocks I perceive are of my own design and due to the distortion I’ve built surrounding my sense of safety. Rock on 41! We are going to work HARD! 

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