Frivolity and Frilly Panties

On Friday night I went with my good friend to try on corsets . As I expand into my feminine self, I’m more and more drawn to the burlesque scene. I feel that expansion requires the radical, as, if the goal is to create a new baseline, then the extreme ends of the continuum have to be pushed and redefined so that the resting point shifts. And burlesque celebrates radical, daring beauty!

There’s no practical purpose to a corset. I own one and I’ll learn how to dance in it. But sometimes a woman has to introduce a certain level of frivolity into her life. Things don’t need to be serious ALL the time, right?

Anyways, as I was trying on these corsets and loving the cinching at the waist and admiring my shoulders in the mirror, I was struck by the realization that I can no longer pass for well-endowed in the breast department. And for the first time since they sprung out of my chest at the age of 14, and expanded into sizes that required extra cost, I feel properly proportioned. And I continue to feel younger and younger every day of my life.

On Saturday, at one of the pole parties I led, I mentioned my age to the bride, and her jaw almost hit the floor.

It’s not that I don’t look my age. I’m 41. This is what *I* look like at 41. It’s that I don’t FEEL the way I’m told 41 is supposed to feel. I feel light. I feel fluid. I feel adaptable, resilient, strong, and resistant. And that’s what people see. They don’t see the lines on your face or the sagginess of your breasts or that your bum is not super perky or that you’ve got age spots on your hands and your grey hair. No, they see your aura, the light and energy that radiates from your core. And the more you can connect with and respect your body, your mind, and your soul, the more brightly you will shine.

So give yourself the gift of frivolity. Give yourself the gift of fun. Feed yourself food that creates vitality in your body and nurtures your soul. Quit taking yourself so seriously. Let your heart shine. And if you want the panties with the frills, by all means, grab ’em!

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