Why My Scale is Not a Liar

One of the foundational rules of the Whole30 is that, under no circumstances, are you supposed to come anywhere close to even CONSIDERING weighing yourself for the duration of reset. I exaggerate a bit, but I know that for so many, the scale becomes a tool for proving one’s worthiness, and relinquishing dependence on it is as big a challenge as giving up cream in their coffee. But it must be done for the sake of the program and what it aims to achieve, and it’s a worthwhile undertaking, I promise.

Four plus years into the Paleo game, my scale is my friend. Can you imagine? From time to time I pull it out, simply out of curiosity, to confirm something I know to be true – my weight no longer fluctuates wildly from one day to the next.

We do NOT – I repeat – do NOT do a Whole30 for weight loss. Often it’s a beautiful side benefit. Some people lose tons of weight and some people lose none.

I lost 10lbs my first Whole30 and I’m pretty darn positive that I did not lose fat.

Here’s the thing – When you are walking around with chronic inflammation, like most North Americans who eat SAD are, water retention is the name of the game. And water weighs.

So every time that I step onto the scale, often after months or weeks of not thinking about it, that number is pretty darn consistent, because I am no longer retaining water, because I eliminated the foods that were putting my poor body into a chronic state of inflammation. Get it?

My scale has become a pure feedback device to remind me that I’m honouring my body and my wellness by avoiding that which does not make me feel well and which promotes a chronic state of inflammation which, at one point in my life, was leading me down the road to chronic disease I would have had a MUCH harder time reversing.

Happy Whole30’ing, everyone!

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