The Makings of a Wellness Coach – A Facebook post from one year ago

It’s rare, because my circles tend to be rather insular, but occasionally I come up against an individual who writes off the connection between disease and nutrition as “an idea”, and I’m completely astonished by this mindset.

It’s not a “concept”, the connection between how you eat and your health. We accept that stress and lifestyle choices can kill us. Somehow it’s far more socially acceptable to be a victim of lifestyle choices – job pressure, toxic co-workers, ridiculous commutes, sick buildings, urban living, fabric softener, scented candles, the pharmaceutical industry – than it is to accept that your nutrition choices for yourself, the way you CHOOSE to fuel yourself to get through your day, may be hastening your demise or reducing the quality of your life. The idea that disease states can be completely healed by adhering to strict renourishing programs (in addition to making other, critical lifestyle changes) is simply one of the truisms of human existence. This is not an “idea”.

There is ZERO advantage to writing off any possibility, right? It may not resonate for you in the moment but recognizing that, down the road, an approach may make more sense, will save you a crap ton of energy. The more you open yourself to possibility NOW the less time you’ll have to spend digging yourself out of the pile of limitations you’ve dumped on your own head. All that one does by closing a door to possibility is limit their own growth/healing potential and waste a ton of valuable energy and time. Do your future self a favour and open your mind to possibility.

How often do I hear, “I can’t”, “I couldn’t”, “I could never” when people come to me to ask about my lifestyle choices and they hear what is involved in the Whole30 program or the Paleo approach? I don’t think I could count the number of times someone has told me that they could never give up milk in their coffee, they love it too much, or that they NEED their morning toast.

Of course you could give up your milk. Of course you could survive without toast for breakfast. You can do anything and everything that you decide you can do. And why wouldn’t you, at the very least, challenge yourself to try? The worst thing that could happen is that you’d fail in your first attempt, or your second, or your third. And at that point you could either use this experience to further limit your own growth potential and write yourself off, or you could use this as a challenge opportunity to prove yourself wrong.

If you don’t ever try you cannot ever know what you are possibly capable of. And you will never know how incredibly enjoyable, pleasurable, and exhilarating life can truly be! I speak from my own personal experience here. I know what I did to myself by letting my ego rule my choices and I know where that got me. And I know what changing my approach did to dramatically affect my perspective and improve my overall quality of life. I’m practicing what I’m preaching. I’m walking my walk and talking my talk and I am ABSOLUTELY not an exceptional person. I’m simply open to not limiting my own potential!

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