For the Sake of Accountability

Just because a person earns a certification does not mean that they are a shining example of perfection in all relevant areas in their personal lives. It simply means that they hold more knowledge on a subject than the average person, that they have passed all relevant testing procedures, and that they have, hopefully, an ability to be objective when it comes to using that certification to help others in a particular field.

I’ve always believed that what most qualifies a person to teach around a particular subject is a) their own personal experience within it, b) their willingness to accept that their experience is not the way and the light, and c) their ability to remain humble within the paradigm of that for which they are advocating, and actively agree to regular exercises that result in deep vulnerability. Certifications are simply a social measure of conformity. It’s the looking past the certification to one’s own personal coaching culture that matters most.

I continue to exist in the sphere of a), because until the day we die our learning and growth processes are never complete. B) took me longer to come by, and I needed more time on this planet to ditch the ego aspect of what I’ve come here to do, and it also remains a work in progress. And  c) is what this post is actually about.

Hi, I’m Ilana, and I’m Canada’s very first Certified Whole30 Coach. And I’m going through a rough time right now and in order to bring some semblance of order back to a life that is rewriting itself day by day, I’m doing my first Whole30 in two years. Because I need a structure and boundaries again for a bit.

Here’s why I decided to go for the Whole30 Certification – Ambiguity thrown at a life that already feels completely disordered and out of control only serves to contribute to greater and greater states of anxiety. I believe in structure, which creates order, and order allows our minds to rest for a bit. Entropy is inevitable, as it’s the natural tendency of the universe towards chaos, but for 30 days, on this program, we can focus on a thing that is within our control – how we nourish ourselves – and it diverts attention for a bit from other pressing issues, giving us space to breathe, to take stock, to re-examine our priorities and the structure of our lives. Tunnelling serves in this case (see my posts on Scarcity), and creating space to take care of our physical bodies eventually makes the space we need to tackle other equally important areas in our lives (think relationship, movement, finances, emotions, spirituality).

You gotta start somewhere and the internet is a mess of programs that propose miracle weight loss. The Whole30 is NOT about weight loss. It’s about starting somewhere, with one program, committing to yourself, to your wellness, to your relationship with your beautiful body and the way you feed yourself, and it’s about making SPACE to really get to know a whole lot more about yourself.

Any program will make an impact if you stick it out. But this program is next level and what you will learn about yourself and what you are capable of is likely to surprise you. That doesn’t mean it’s easy, though. The best lessons are hard-learned. And sometimes, sticking it out requires someone there to cheerlead you along the way. And that’s where I come in. Accountability partners can transform an attempt to fit in to feeling like you really belong, and I’m here to guard the space for you so you don’t have to worry about the rules and you can concentrate on 30 days of increased self-awareness.

I started my Whole30 today because today was the day I needed to start, so I’ll be Whole30ing right along side you come May 1 when my coached group kicks off!

I found my food freedom, and right now it means going back to the plan while I re-orient myself in the course of my new life!

I look forward to working with you!

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