May Whole30 with Ilana Grostern

Hello, Internet! You’re ready to GO! You’ve decided that you’re ready to do a Whole30! Whether it’s your first or your 4th, you still feel you could use a little hand-holding and someone to talk to when those cravings threaten to get the better of you. Also, you want to connect with other people in Montreal who are on a similar path. I offer 45 days of group coaching.

We will meet virtually five days before the first of the month, on April 25, to talk about grocery shopping, meal planning, recipes, and we’ll work on an expectations worksheet.

You’ll be added to a private Facebook group, and there you can ask unlimited questions through the 30 days, which I will answer. I’ll make recipe suggestions, we’ll talk about how we feel each day and share non-scale victories (NSV). I will cheerlead you to success, and your fellow group members will provide you with accountability and support!

We will meet a second time halfway through the month to check in. After the 30 days are done, I’ll guide you through ten days of re-intro!

We kick off on April 25, at 6pm EST, in a Facebook Live Video chat in our very own group!

I must receive payment in full before the start date. There are no refunds once you commit!

Not sure if the Whole30 is right for you? I highly suggest purchasing a Whole30 Consultation so we can meet in person to really connect and get you on the road to success!

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