On Responsibility

It’s been one week since I broke up with social media. I intend for this to be a permanent move.

I was enmeshed.

I was beyond choice.

I was irresponsible.

I was addicted.

And I am done.

A wise woman said to me this week, “You are running water. Running water cannot be stopped. It can only be redirected. And know that now, if you release a drop, you will trigger a tsunami.”

Another wise woman told me, “It’s all a choice, you know.”

I didn’t know. Now I know. Now I see.

I saw that I triggered the tsunami and I saw that if I do this again, it will be with purpose and direction.

So for now, I contain, collect, control, and face the aspects of myself I’ve been hiding from. I cannot put forth a single word that has not been carefully examined from all angles, as this would be completely irresponsible of me, and I can never behave irresponsibly again.

For now, I am quiet.

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