When the Question Changes

In a seemingly paradoxical and subtle manner, we can shift our attention away from the linear efforts at connecting to our emerging potential, and when this happens, the question changes.

Let’s bring this concept into consciousness.

When we ask questions of ourselves, particularly why questions, we engage with ourselves in a confrontational, combative, and judgement-loaded way.

“Why can’t I just get over myself?”

“Why do I let him control me?”

“Why can’t I lose 20lbs?”

Posed from the mind, these questions place us in opposition to ourselves. We more into discord and conflict and misalignment and suffering.

The answer to why does not reside in the mind. The mind cannot be called into service to the whole by going through it with such a paradigm shifting question.

Why lives in the body. And to answer the why, we have to move into the non-judgement of the body to access the answer.

When the why is answered through the body by allowing it to rise and express (where my coaching method steps in) we shift into a space of collaboration. The mind can then be recruited to work WITH the body, and a new level of questioning can be employed to create action where inertia previously reined supreme.

When the Why is accessed by way of the body, the what emerges. And the what is action-based, which creates momentum, which leads to change.

You may not notice when your questions change, but I will. And I will reflect when it does so that YOU can notice and integrate the deep change.

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