An Introduction to Body-First Living

Once upon a time, before a man named Descartes won a popularity contest, we understood that we weren’t separate from all that is. We valued the mind in service to the body, not the other way around.

The unfortunate impact of the Cartesian Split is that we now have a society populated by humans who have no sense of their bodies below the neck. Most of us have no language for relating to what our bodies are signalling about our environments, leaving us unable to maintain any sustainable state of wellness.

What if we could remember that our bodies are the primary informers of the world around us? What if we could recall that relating to our environments intuitively should be the default?How much more well could we be if we could understand that body first, mind second meant access to and understanding of proper allocation of resources? Could we burn out? Would we walk around exhausted all the time?

What could we do with our minds if we took them out of the driver’s seat and let our bodies tell us what is right or wrong for US?

Join in this conversation for an introduction to a language you didn’t know you were already fluent in.

This event takes place on Monday, May 2, from 7 – 9pm EST

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