One Resonant Human

Expanding on part of a Facebook conversation yesterday. The question was whether or not we could come into resonance within ourselves if we’d never had the experience of being championed for that which did not come easily as children.

If we’ve never had the experience of being attuned to properly in childhood, or even in most of our adult experience to date, can we ever hope to be okay?

The answer is yes. But it does take one resonant human presence that you can count on to help you get there.

The mistake most of us make is that we look to our romantic relationships to be the stabilizing force in our lives. But given that most of us end up choosing romantic partners that mirror our most unstable historical relationship experiences, you can see how this wouldn’t be the best way to experience the ongoing kind of resonance your nervous system would need…

Best friends, mentors, teachers, therapists, coaches, your local barista…be creative in your search. Any person can show up as the resonant person you need to find stability within yourself.

Be discerning. If you need help understanding what momentary resonance feels like so you can use it as your internal compass, get in touch.

I don’t know if one can ever be too far gone, so long as the spirit is willing.

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