C h a o s

I will never claim to fully understand the phenomona that I talk about and use in my work. The beauty of being is that we don’t have to be able to intellectualize everything from every angle in order for it to be useful.

Last week in my training we learned about chaos theory. Specifically, we learned that order will spontaneously arise out of chaos, that chaos is predictable in nature by virtue of its unpredictability. And we also learned that if we can attend to those moments of coherence as a matter of practice, our system will begin to organize around them.And there’s nothing that we even have to DO except agree to notice them.

I love the concepts of chaos and entropy. I learned about entropy in high school – it’s the tendency of the universe towards chaos. Chaos is related to pejoratively, but it’s the essence of surrendering. We intellectually understand that if we can stop clinging, let go, and allow, then we will find the space to experience joy/ecstasy/rapture. The deception lies in thinking that we have to do MORE to get to the rapture state. We actually have to do far less. We have to be. We can orient towards the moment of coherence that arise spontaneously out of the chaos and notice those. We can redirect our attention, in an intentional manner, from trying to resist entropy, and instead being to notice the moments that arise seemingly spontaneously, but mostly predictably from within.

This graph below represents bifurcation that descends into chaos. One initial thought splits into two, and each of those thoughts split into two, ad infinitum. The darker the space, the more chaotic the moment.

Chaos Theory, graphed

But you see those white lines? Those are moments of coherence that are woven from within the chaos. Zoom in. See how many there are? Attune to the white lines in your life. They are there. You’re just not in the habit of noticing them. Let them begin to direct the sequencing of your experience.

NOTE – noticing coherence does NOT mean that you’re ignoring the chaos. You can do both. And you can especially turn down the volume on the negative attention bias.

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