Normalize Being Boring

Something I warn my clients about is that the experience of a regulated nervous, especially once we’ve stabilized into it, can feel extremely boring in contrast to our usual way of being.

When one is used to the highs and lows of sympathetic nervous system activation, feeling peaceful, calm, centred, and grounded for ongoing periods of time can start to make you feel like something is wrong. Nothing is wrong. But the new state of being needs to be integrated, and so I will remind you that if you feel boring, that’s a GOOD sign.Clients often use the vocabulary they are familiar with to describe this new state. Words like disconnected, dissociated, and disoriented are common. But I notice pretty quickly when the words they use are incoherent with the state they are reflecting in their countenance, the cadence of their speech, their posture, and their energy. This is why somatic coaching is so useful. I will notice things that traditional therapies or coaching will not, that you’re possibly not aware of.

I’ll draw your attention to what is available to you in this moment. Soon enough, the boring is replaced by peacefulness. And presence. And attention. And sooooooo much nuance you never even knew was there because you were only cued to the extremes.

Sounds pretty good, huh?

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