The Body Barometer

While I do bill myself as a somatic coach, I also operate with the understanding that we didn’t grow up knowing how to use our entire beings to be well in the world.

The fact is that it’s not the mind alone that informs us of how we are. It’s the bodymind that exists in a continuous flow of information. And most of the information is subconscious, and subcognitive.

We don’t have to be cognitively aware of all the information we are receiving at any given moment. But we do need to be conscious of the fact that even if we don’t know with our minds, we know with our whole beings.

Here is a list of some of the things your body barometer does for you pretty much every waking minute of the day. How well you use these capacities to improve your quality of life is truly up to you. And this is where I can be of service, as a coach/guide/teacher/mentor to support you to learn to use this phenomenally perfect sensing instrument that is your body.

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