Coherence Matters

A little play on words for you this morning. I’ve been on a #ketogenic diet for the last few weeks and my mind is SHARP AF, so the double entendres are coming in fast and furious.

Coherence matters. The word coherence implies the qualities of a unified whole. Matter is defined as something that takes up space and has weight. And the matter of being human involves being able to orient oneself in space and time – in otherwords, being able to locate ourselves in THIS moment.

If you are not in coherence then you are not tethered in the physical matter of you. In other words, the physical self, which is what we have on THIS realm, is inconsequential.

And you cannot experience yourself as a unified whole.

Through the Art of Body First Living we become reacquainted with the matter of our physical self, and through the practice of value neutrality – being with sensations without assigning meaning or value – we remember that we have bodies that MATTER. More than simply mattering, we see how essential they are to coherent, aka well, experiences of ourselves.

The experience of coherence “matters” us back into existence, in THIS life, on THIS plane.

How badly did I lose you? 😜

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