Who Am I?

I am an enthusiastic wellness advocate and free spirit. I enjoy mentoring others in both personal and professional pursuits, encouraging them to find and express their voices and live their truth.

I am the co-creator and co-owner of AppleCheeks™ Cloth Diapers, for which my partner and I were named auspicious number 69 out of 100 top female entrepreneurs in Canada. I live in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, and I do not like winter.

Three beautiful, curly-haired girls call me Mom. All the time. They call me all the time. Mom mom mom mom mom mom.

I’m in the process of pursuing a Personal and Professional Coaching certification (PPCC) through Concordia University’s John Molson School of Business ICF accredited program.

I have an informal background in health and wellness, follow a Paleo lifestyle, was a pole fitness instructor, now pursue ballet as a long term regimen, and have a LOT of thoughts I want to share with you!