Is This for Me?

Resolve conflict through the body and resolution in the psyche will follow.

Who I Serve

  • Do you sense that there is a more fulfilling life available to you?
  • Have you forgotten what it’s like to experience joy and pleasure? 
  • Do you suffer from chronic pain or illness, but aren’t finding the answers in the medical community? 
  • Have you spent years in talk therapy, but still find yourself unable to get unstuck?
  • Do you ignore what your body is telling you and instead keep plowing through?
  • Do you consider yourself too emotional or too intense?
  • Do you wonder why you simply can’t get with the program and be like everyone else?

If any of these descriptions sound like you, I can help. 

  • I am most passionate about working with gifted people seeking to disintegrate their old, inauthentic, ineffective way of living and build a new one around their inherent inner wisdom.  
  • Gifted individuals often suffer disproportionately, as they have historically over-valued the cognitive space and never really learned to interpret critical data from the body. Many also don’t recognize that they’re gifted, that their mind construction is neurologically, cognitively and phenomenologically different than that of others. As a result, many gifted individuals never received the mirroring or support needed to develop in a balanced, healthy way. 
  • I find deep meaning in creating generative and supportive spaces that bring these intense, complex beings into resonance and help their authentic selves to emerge. 

When one is pretending, the entire body revolts. 

– Anais Nin