Resolve conflict through the body and resolution in the psyche will follow.

About Me

I am a Self-Attunement and Somatic Coach, as well as your Dialectical Being Guide.

I have the capacity to see through stories and pinpoint the heart of the discord, and using the coaching model, I offer deep safety to my clients in order to identify and unpack the modules that make up their whole being and create order from the chaos. We will develop a communion between mind and body that will allow you to relieve yourself of unnecessary suffering.

The space we create together is collaborative. I am there simply to hold the framework. You, the client, are the expert in our space. 

I work with Dabrowski’s Theory of Positive Disintegration, and the concept of Overexcitabilities. There is a large somatic awareness component to my work.

When one is pretending, the entire body revolts.

– Anais Nin

How We Work Together

My coaching picks up where some therapies leave off. We work with your self-awareness in practical examples, and tune into the experience in your body first before moving into action.

We work together on what is alive for you in the present moment. We identify what is stuck and design a plan for how to move forward.

We remember together why you want to live a meaningful life and give you the tools to design it. 

I will work with you to:

  • Become attuned to the powerful, data-driven messaging accessible to you through your body.
  • Recognize the choice in a split second to go into reactive patterns or to respond from a place of alignment.
  • Develop the ability to hold both neutrality and activation simultaneously in your body through somatic awareness.
  • Slow down your processes so that you give yourself the space to make objective choices.
  • Challenge and account for all aspects of your story.
  • Transform somatic experience into creation.
  • Create space to explore the story.
  • Determine where you can release value judgements about aspects of your story.
  • Self-challenge.
  • Recognize where you’ve been outsourcing your value and your purpose.
  • Understand your own capacity for objectivity on your own experience. 

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Screening Interview

Book a 30 minute interview with me, free of charge, to determine if we’re a good fit.

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Coaching – Five Sessions

Optimally, we will work together over time, either weekly or bi-weekly, depending on your needs. A trust-based relationship is established over time, and this gives us the space to dig into the meaning of the topics you bring to our sessions. To be used over a period of two months, max.

Use the link below to book your first session and pay for the entirety of the sessions and I will book your subsequent sessions for you.

Email money transfer is my preferred method of payment for Canadians.

Coaching – Ten Sessions

Ten sessions, to be used within any given four month period. Our work together builds on personal themes, and should be completed within a relative framework for greatest relevancy. Save 5% when purchase ten or more sessions at a time.

Use the link below to book your first session and pay for the entirety of the sessions and I will book your subsequent sessions for you.

Email money transfer is my preferred method of payment for Canadians.


I find the work you do amazing. Today whenever I went into judgement I connected with the newborn and it creates such a shift to a more positive energy!! I think you are gifted and have real talent for this work. I feel so privileged to have you as my coach.  Many many thanks! 

– Louise

What have I learned so far in the short amount of time I’ve been working with Ilana?

The concept of AGENCY – that I am in FULL control over my own life. To have mastery of my choices and direction.

The concept of VALUE NEUTRALITY – that I don’t need to assign blame nor benefit to anything, person, or action. It’s ok to “just be”.

The concept of SOMATIC EXPERIENCE – that I can experience depth of healing through connecting with my body, rather than solely through my mind.

As a recovering “know-it-all” and “control freak”, it’s difficult to put trust into another human being when it comes time to bring yourself to the next level. But working with Ilana has brought me many benefits already. Zero judgement. She emphasizes that she is not the one doing the work, that she is only but a mirror to you. And that is very true. Working with her, I feel safe, supported, and that she truly is here to help me activate my own power, and bring that force to life. She helps you draw everything out, lay it on the table, and is extremely in-tune and intuitive with knowing what it is that you really need to heal. She is early on in her coaching career, and yet, is a master. I feel grateful to have her in my army of wellness.  I am looking forward to continuing work with her, and see where we can go, together! If you are looking for “something” in your life and just aren’t sure what, I highly, highly recommend working with Ilana.

– Victoria

Coaching FAQ

What is professional coaching?

Professional coaching is a partnership between coach and client wherein both parties engage in a process of discovery and creation that supports a coachee’s movement toward action. The process supports the coachee to maximise their potential.

How is coaching different from other helping professions?

Through a powerful questioning process, the coachee works to gain self-awareness, clarity on forward action, bridges the gap between where they are to where they want to be, and gains tangible results. There is a focus on forward motion, and sourcing answers from within. The coachee is presumed to be the “expert” within the relationship, not the coach.

What does ‘partnership’ entail in coaching?

Partnership means that, with trust and the foundation of the relationship, together we establish the scope of our conversations, create plans and processes, and partner for accountability.

What exactly is the coaching process?

Coaching is a developmental process that happens over the course of a series of private or group sessions targeted at delivering self-determine results through explorations of thought processes

The coaching process entails:

  • Identifying a topic that is alive for the coachee
  • Partnering to explore the elements/factors that are affecting the coachee’s experience of that topic and what they want to change
  • Working together to map out an approach for moving toward that change.

The client is the instigator and steward of their own results.

What can you expect from a coach?

You can expect a thinking partner who will offer you a safe space without judgement wherein you can express yourself freely, and with whom you can work to create an action plan with a specific goal in mind.

What does coaching require of clients?

Coaching requires active participation in and commitment to the coaching process, accountability for your own results, and an understanding that you are the only person responsible for the desired outcomes you want to achieve. It also requires being receptive to giving and receiving feedback, openness and readiness to change, and willingness to exit your comfort zone.

How do coach and client determine ‘fit’ (compatible partnership)?

Fit is initially determined through an intake session where we will explore the client’s needs and how the coaching process works.

There should be an alignment between the needs of the client and the experience and background of the coach. In addition, coach and coachee expectations are expressed and aligned prior to starting sessions and period check-ins assure that they continue to be aligned throughout the coaching relationship.

How do you know it is time to end the relationship?

There are several circumstances in which it is time to end the coaching relationship:

  • When either client or coachee no longer fulfill their contractual obligations
  • When the client feels they have achieved their desired outcomes
  • When the coach feels they can no longer appropriately support the coachee within the scope of the coaching process.