What is coaching? 

  • Coaching is a process of delivering self-determined results through explorations of thoughts and behaviors. Through a powerful questioning process, the coachee works to gain awareness of their present state and desired future, clarify forward action, and gain tangible results. In the relationship, the client, rather than the coach, is the instigator and presumed expert. 

Is this therapy? What is the difference between therapy and coaching? 

  • Although often conflated, coaching and therapy differ. Coaching is forward-looking and concerns itself with envisioning and crafting a desired future. By contrast, therapy is backward-looking and works on healing past traumas or unresolved issues. Often, clients will spend time in therapy to attain a level of stability before entering coaching.  

Am I ready for coaching? 

  • You are ready for coaching if you have accepted and take responsibility for your past and are ready to move forward in your life. You are ready for coaching if you are functional in your day-to-day life, but feel stuck and unable to reach your goal(s) or overcome your problem(s) on your own.    

How long does it take to see results?  

  • The time frame varies depending on the complexity of your objectives, level of awareness, commitment to change, willingness to complete assignments, and other factors. Often, I will work with clients to complete an initial goal, and continue to work through other challenges. Sometimes, clients leave after accomplishing their objectives, only to return later when they need additional support on another project.