Gifted Mentoring

For gifted people, the coaching format does not necessarily offer the traction required to advance in our own integration process. Often, we require someone who can stay a few steps ahead of us – an experience we rarely encounter in our day-to-day. The mentoring spaces is a space for accelerating the mastery of our processes in the sense that we begin to learn just how efficient we truly can be.

Gifted mentoring involves the co-creation of a space where you can truly be you, perhaps for the first time. You will get to experience, on an ongoing basis, what it is like to run at your own speed, to process with a witness in real time and be mirrored and validated, to not have to filter, adjust, or perform. The impact of this for a gifted person who has had to spend their whole life adapting to a world that doesn’t support the full expression of their full-selves can be life-changing. We will design a space that fosters the expression of your authentic self.

My role in our relationship will be track and learn your processes, and to solidly and safely hold the space for you to understand what life could be like if you allowed yourself to run at full throttle. Using gentle methods of inquiry, contacting statements, and a large amount of philosophical engagement, I will help you remember how alive you can truly feel. You will gain access to parts of yourself you perhaps thought long dead, and we will help you to design practices that will allow you to remember that you can be well in the world in the full expression of your gifted self. The mentoring space will also build on the pillars of the core orienting philosophy.

Gifted Mentoring involves a minimum three-month commitment, after which point we can re-contract and evaluate your needs, and design an ongoing package. The difference between coaching and mentoring is that I am available for support and ongoing discussion between sessions.

As with all my spaces, the gifted mentoring space is trauma-informed.

Wondering if you’re gifted and could benefit from this service? Read this article.

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Each 3-month mentoring package includes the following:

  • 12 one-hour long zoom sessions
  • Text or email or messaging support between sessions, as per pre-contracted agreement
  • Reading suggestions, points of reflection, real world tips and tricks

    The cost of is $1500CDN. Contact me for payment options.

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