Body-First Living 

Have you ever been told you are too much or too intense? Do you feel at the mercy of your emotions, and nothing you do seems to yield lasting results? 

Much of today’s mental health paradigm tries to pathologize and medicate away this too-much-ness. Cultural conditioning keeps us stuck by convincing us that we should be able to think our way to health, which leads to paralyzing self-judgement, shame, and blame when we aren’t able to manage or control our emotions. 

I take a different approach. I believe emotions are symptoms of a bigger issue, but we simply lack the training to decipher what they are telling us. Indeed, trying to understand cognitively only makes the problem worse.  

My mission involves teaching you to listen to the wisdom of the body first. The information we need to make decisions that honour who we are is stored in our soma, not just in our minds. Through becoming attuned to that wisdom, we can connect with and orient our lives towards meaning. 

In addition to improving our individual lives, I believe that deepening the body-mind connection is crucial to reversing the global implications of mass consumerism and overconsumption. By integrating our whole selves, we recognize we are connected to our fellow humans and all life on this planet, and can move forward as a force for restoring planetary wellness.