What I Offer

Self-Attunement and Somatic Coaching 

I believe everyone has what they seek inside of them already. However, thanks to our culture’s relentless focus on the intellect, we usually don’t know how to access and parse that embodied information.  

Through our coaching relationship, I help you clear the pathway to your inner knowing – healing old stories and building a foundation for an empowered life. 


Though my coaching process is dynamic and does not follow a set schedule, the below concepts are foundational to my work and will be incorporated throughout our time together. 

1. Personal Values + Identity Deep Dive  – I will spend our initial meeting getting to know your values, goals, history, and self-concept. We will return to this foundation throughout our sessions to ensure your plans are aligned with the initially-established resonance.  

2. Outsourcing vs. Resourcing – We all have needs. When people are unclear about them or try to get them met in ineffective ways, heartache and hardship result. I will teach you methods to use your body’s wisdom to get clear on your needs (and available resources) and figure out methods for determining the best method for getting them met.  

3. Value Neutrality – Working together, we uncover three key nervous system states – Drained, Neutral, and Over-Fueled. By acquainting you with the full range of your body’s spectrum, I will help you find your value-neutral place so you can learn to experience (and return to) the present moment. 

4. The Somatic Axis – Information is stored in different locations in the body. I teach you methods to release the mind’s dominance and instead slow down, listen to the body, and translate your sensations into insights. 

5. Identifying the Dialectic – It is energetically uncomfortable to sit with more than one truth, but I will help you to tolerate the non-dualistic nature of reality and the feeling of multiple truths existing in the body simultaneously.  

6. Orienting Towards Pleasure and Purpose – Our over-stimulating world keeps us stuck in constant fight, flight, freeze, or fawn responses. Using the mind-body communion, I help you unhook from the addictive cycles of negative attention bias and learn to reorient your nervous system to a place of rest and peace.  

7. Self-Validation – As intense beings, it is not easy to tolerate the full capacity of our wholeness, let alone revel in it. Through our sessions, you will learn techniques in self-validation, helping you to vibrate at your highest frequency and attract the right people, experiences, and situations into your life.