Self-Attunement & Somatic Coaching

Our work together will ultimately support the re-interfacing of your bodymind connection. The results of this work can include:

• Reversal of chronic health conditions.
• Increase in confidence through greater self-awareness and appreciation for oneself.
• Being able to come out of prolonged freeze states and experiencing more ease in one’s daily life.
• Improved interpersonal relationships.
• Reduction of frequency of anxious and depressive states.
• Reconnection with hope for one’s future.
• The capacity to set boundaries.
• Discernment when choosing relationships, career moves, living situations, etc.
• Deeper trust in yourself and your capacity to solve your own problems.
• Being able to identify your needs, and advocate for them without compromise.
• Being able to identify when you need help and asking for it.
• Moving out of states of scarcity into states of abundance.

Self-Attunement and Somatic Coaching 

Everyone has what they seek inside of them already. However, thanks to our culture’s relentless focus on the intellect, we usually don’t know how to access and parse that embodied information.  

Through our coaching relationship, we help you clear the pathway to your inner knowing – healing old stories and building a foundation for an empowered life. 

What is Somatic Coaching?

There’s a misguided belief that Somatic Coaching refers to body-oriented work. As per Richard Strozzi-Heckler of the Strozzi Institute , the term somatics derives from the Greek somatikos, which signifies the living, aware, bodily person. This implies that the mind and the body are not separate elements, they are the whole being, and part of a living process called the soma.

However, in most Western cultures, the bodymind is not a popular concept. Humanity took a wrong term when the philosopher René Descartes entered the scene, and from that point onwards we’ve com e to value the workings of the mind over the wisdom of the body, and we’ve collectively experienced some pretty huge communication breakdowns, both intra- and inter-personally as as result.

Our work is body-led ONLY because we must remember that we have bodies we can trust and re-learn to bring them into communion with our meaning-making machines – our minds.

Ultimately, the goal for you while we move along the process of re-integrating all facets of your being, is that you begin to be able to be in the world without enmeshing with it, and that you move into a space of deep trust and reverance for your own perfectly designed body barometer.

Living somatically has the power to improve relationships, to find suitable environments, to choose work situations that support YOU, and to improve wellness in all spheres of your being.

Is it magic work? No. We should have been taught to use our minds in service to our bodies from the get go because that’s our default mode. It’s reset and integration work and it’s life-changing!