Live the authentic, vibrant, and meaningful life you’ve always wanted
with Body-First Living.

Self-Attunement & Somatic Coaching

As a coach, I offer deep safety to help you move out of paralyzing self-doubt, remember what it feels like to be whole,
and use the wisdom of the body/mind communion to build your very best life. 

What I Offer 

  • A sense of being unapologetically in charge of your life
  • The ability to move from stuck to productive at will 
  • Greater understanding of your individual needs
  • More peace
  • The ability to experience joy and pleasure
  • Clearer thinking and better focus
  • Diminished physical pain
  • Better sleep

As a 3x entrepreneur and single mother of three, I know the feeling of exhaustion and chaos.

Through pursuing certifications as a Personal, Somatic, Whole30, and Gifted coach, I’ve learned there is another way
to live.

The more time we spend in the mind, the harder it is to understand who we are. The body holds the answers to all of our questions.

“If you are looking for ‘something’ in your life and just aren’t sure what, I highly, highly recommend working with Ilana.”

– Victoria

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