Somatic Experiencing

Somatic Experiencing – What is it?

The work I do is challenging to put into words. I didn’t realize until recently how I feel my way through the world – but through my body, not my emotions. 

The information we need to make decisions that honour who we are is not stored in the cognitive space. That info lives in the body, and through somatic experiencing we can make decisions and create lives of meaning without compromising on the essence of who we are and what we are meant for. 

In my coaching practice I show you what three states look like in your body – Drained, Neutral, and Overfuelled.

Only by understanding what the two survival ends of your spectrum feels like your body can you find your value neutral place, AKA objectivity. And from value neutral you can make choices that support the life you need to be living. 

Somatic experiencing can create connections in the body that it could years to build through any cognitive-based therapies. It’s pretty cool. 

My work is intuitive. I’m doing all sorts of training to become a better coach and space holder. But this work is essence of me. 

Let me guide you to your value neutral space and see what agency feels like. Book a consultation session with me here.

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