Wholeness 101: Beyond Gender and Identity

Wholeness 101: Beyond Gender and Identity

A 6-Week Online Group Coaching Experience for members of the Trans/Queer/GNC community

Co-Hosted by Ilana Grostern and Zoë Galle.

Day and Time TBA, beginning in early April on Zoom.

Register here. Towards the end of March we will be sending around a Doodle poll to determine the best day and time for our weekly sessions.

Beginning with an overview of The Art of Living Body First and the relevance of the philosophy to the Trans/Queer/GNC community, each weekly 2-hour session will build on the previous week. You’ll complete this series of six online sessions with a skill set and a tool belt that will help you to remember where you are in space and time, and regain your agency – your capacity to self-determine.

This is an embodiment course for the nonbinary, trans, gender expansive, and queer community. We will explore the mechanism and impact of ongoing pressure from the social and cultural contexts that attempt to tell us what we are, that work to define us from the outside in, and the impact on our nervous system and sense of self. We are going to introduce you to a new experience of yourSELF, where you are here and now and okay!

Interested in learning more? Use the contact form to get in touch, or register using the link above.

This is a Donation-based opportunity. Suggested donation amount is $50-$500.

Meet your co-host, Zoë Galle.

My 27 years of experience as a dancer and time spent in undergrad studying social work, art and liberation politics are core motivating forces that drive me in my practice. I am a life-long student who believes wholeheartedly in our capacity for individual and collective transformation. I am a certified yoga teacher practicing in the Iyengar lineage and my devotion to movement gives me a unique understanding of the vital, central role my embodiment plays in my well-being.

My excitabilities and sensitivity as a gifted-neurodivergent adult keep me pursuing noesis in search for the universal forms that describe our ways of understanding in our relationship with all that is. I am fascinated by our embodied ways of being, our individual and infinitely unique expression, our artistic contributions, the nature of consciousness, and the evolution of us. My coaching practice began with an 18-month long mentorship under Zach Dacuck, a coach with a 25 year myofascial integration practice who helped me discover my own somatic coaching practice. My career expanded to executive coaching when I joined the Ariel Group in 2021 who I now facilitate leadership programs for, working with clients like Harvard Business School, Citrin Cooperman, TVA and FTI Consulting. I then met Ilana Grostern whose somatic coaching methodology radically changed me. “The Art of Living Body First” woke me up to my own aliveness, and taught me that my existence is not conditional. I established my bodywork practice of Marma Therapy shortly after where I attune and co-regulate with people’s nervous system through touch, to support them as they embody their healing and contact the nonverbal, energetic, data-rich exchange that happens between our organisms. I teach workshops, facilitate leadership programs, and provide unique intimate one on one and group retreats. My services approach healing from the inside out centering on holistic and preventative medicine, always returning to and beginning with the wisdom of our intelligent body.

Learn more about Zoë here.

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