Use Your Gifts

Today for the first time I expressed outloud what has been a central theme for me most of my life but I never fully saw that I was doing.

If you’ve been given a gift, use it to elevate yourself above the crowd. Don’t be the person who doesn’t show what she’s good at because the condemning voices of those who lack the courage to express their own gifts are louder than your own.

Use your gifts to elevate you, and use that vantage point to find the gaps in the collective consciousness and fill them. This is how we serve our fellow humans. This is how we do the work of the Divine.

Through the full expression of our own talents we make the space for others to express theirs and live fully and authentically, free from the smothering grip of fear and judgement.

Don’t let anyone else impose on you what they want to, because all judgement comes from a place of deep seated insecurity, and that’s not your problem. Be the best you that you are able to be. That is your responsibility and my responsibility and all our responsibility and it doesn’t matter what it looks like.

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