My Pledge to You

My Pledge to You

To My Fellow Humans,

I see you. I mean, I really see you. I see you along the continuum of your own timeline, at your pace, in the set of challenges that are both unique to you and, at the same time, the challenges of our entire species.

I see you as you were, I see you as you are, and I see you in all your potential.

I am not here to offer compassion if all that looks like to you is commiseration in your misery. There are plenty of others to offer you that if that is what you feel you need.

I am here to offer you true compassion, the kind that looks like my absolute faith in you that you got this, that you are open to seeing how your suffering is a choice you can continue to endure or choose to reject.

I will not offer to keep you stuck where you are by feeding in to your distortions unless I see that this is truly what you need right now. I will validate your trials but I will not resign you to them.

I will offer you perspective.

I will mirror back to you what I see you can become if that’s what you want.

I will not let you off the hook. I will agree that what you are facing now is HARD, but I will not let hardship be the reason you quit trying, you quit investing in yourself.

I will not judge you.

I will not ask of you anything that I have not already asked of myself.

I will show you that you are limitless.

I understand that your rejection of me is actually your rejection of yourself, and I will love you hard no matter what.

I will be your ear. I will help you to hear what you are saying.

I will be your eyes. I will help you to see through the fog to the beautiful human who refuses to be cloaked any longer.

I will be loud so you can hear me over the din of the scripts you’ve been running your whole life that no longer serve you.

I will be visible, so you have to choose whether or not to block me from your line of sight.

I will be available to you but I will not allow my boundaries to be violated and I will tell you if they are. I will show you how to do the same.

I will be consistent in my message. I will listen to you so I understand how you need to hear it, and I will work hard to adapt my delivery so that you can allow the message in, so that it makes sense to you, so integration becomes a probability and not simply a possibility.

I will never stop learning about us. I will never stop searching for information that will allow us to connect authentically with ourselves.

I will follow my gut and teach you to hear yours.

I will show you that you are worth investing in. I will show you that you are worthy of love, no matter what. I will show you that you are not what you’ve been told you are. I will show you that you are who YOU decide you want to be.

I will show you all this because we are one and the same and all I have outline above is my commitment to myself.

All my love,

iLana xoxo

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