Two Unconscious Practices to Bring Into Awareness

Two MAJOR sources of unconscious energy drains are:

  1. Emotional labour
  2. Mental load

In heterosexual spaces, women tend to assume the burden of both WHETHER OR NOT IT’S NECESSARY. And they are so conditioned into us that we don’t even notice we’re doing them – they become part of the landscape.

One day, we suddenly become aware that we are thinking ALL the time about other people’s stuff. And we notice we’re not okay unless those people are okay – which is a great sign that we must put down this mental load that is not ours to carry.

IF we can achieve this objective (hint- we can) then we may notice a whole level of okay within ourselves, which means available energy that can translate to joy and pleasure…

This is a great subject to work on with a coach, fyi. Identify, notice, resolve.

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